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Grow Taller Exercises


     Some height increasing exercises, along with proper diet and better sleeping habits, may help aid the growing process. However, for an adult to grow taller significantly is something that has not been substantiated with evidence by medical professionals. Adolescents who are still growing may see some improvements, especially if they adhere to the nutritional advice. An important factor is age. You can't change or control when your growth plates fuse up and close. Usually this happens around the age of 24. You may still grow after that, but it is a lot harder. Younger children may grow taller more with a good diet and a better exercise plan than they might grow without them.   Genetics still play a very important role to determine the final height of an individual.

Grow Taller Exercise


     Here you can see some of the grow taller exercises that may supplement human growth. You can use the exercises and stretches as part of your daily routine. As with any other exercise program, the key to success is dedication and persistence. A lot of people fail to follow an exercise plan because they start off with an abundance of enthusiasm and energy only to quit within a couple of weeks because they over did it.

 Lastly, these exercises will help improve your posture and flexibility in addition to the possibility of increasing height. Please consult your doctor before starting with any exercising program. You can also integrate these with your own exercising plan. Now let's go over these height increasing exercises:


1.    Cobra                                            

2.    Super Cobra

3.    Cat Stretch

4.    Basic Leg Stretch

5.    The Bridge

6.    The Table

7.    The Bow Down

8.    The Yawn

9.    The Super Stretch

10.  Hands on the Head Bow Down

11.  Wall Stretch

12.  Straight Leg Up

13.  Touch Toes

14.  Two Straight Legs Up

15.  The Downhill

16.  Hanging

17.  Other Exercises

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Executive Lyon

US$ 129.99
Executive Lyon

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