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Height Scams

Children grow at a steady rate for the first 10 to 12 years of their lives, and then experience a growth spurt for the next two years. After this, their growth rate slows until it stops at the end of puberty. This usually happens around age 18 for girls and age 20 for boys.

Before puberty, the growth plates are soft and bone can be added to them. During puberty they begin to solidify. Medical experts agree that once the growth plates have fused, further growth is not possible. Companies that sell Height Increasing products promise to turn around the process; however, there is no medical basis for their claims.  

Balanced nutrition along with proper sleeping habits and regular exercises can only aid the growth process before the end of puberty. After puberty some stretching exercises can help improve your posture but that’s about it.

People often become victims of wildly exaggerated advertisements for medicines and products designed to increase natural height. There are tons of websites that claim to make a person taller after puberty. The products they are trying to sell are basically dietary supplements like vitamin pills, instructional materials that you can basically find free of cost over the internet, and some devices like insoles that perhaps magically can increase height without the medical community ever realizing ‘how’.  Here we have compiled a list of some scam products that have no scientific basis to increase height after puberty. These are just some products that we have identified by doing a simple search. You may find many others that basically are saying the same things like these scam products:

Yoko Height Scam

Several companies selling ‘YOKO HEIGHT INCREASER’ claim that this device will make them grow taller. Yoko height is basically a shoe insole made of plastic. They claim of using acupressure techniques to stimulate growth. However, the truth is that it’s a useless device being marketed to squeeze money from people. Many people have reported that it’s very painful to walk with ‘Yoko’ insoles and they often give up before the allotted time.

Kimi Scam

Kimi and Yoko are the same products marketed with different names. People who have purchased both Kimi and Yoko say that the packaging and material is exactly the same, except for the product name. When you buy the Kimi product, you also receive 40 free bonuses. The companies make the outrageous claim that the bonuses are worth $299. In fact, all of these are simply informational and most just provide links to other Web sites.

HeightMax Scam

Unlike other scam artists, this company tries harder to legitimize itself with radio and newspaper ads. Many people who have a healthy suspicion of questionable products sold over the Internet will assume that products advertised in the more established media have value. This is not so. There is no list of ingredients on their website. The most we're told is that there are two Heightmax formulas; one is a "multi-vitamin and herbal supplement" and one is "an amino acid and mineral supplement." Other than this, there are no details as to the ingredients. We're told that clinical studies have been done that indicate growth increases, but there are no details with regards to number of people in the study or any other hint as to the protocols used during these studies.

Beauty Forever Scam

Beauty forever is essentially a Singapore based beauty salon that has expanded its business model to include height enhancing products. Treatments include putting the customer's feet in a bucket of warm water, followed by a foot massage with the expensive machine. This is perhaps the worst scam because the products are very expensive. Four boxes of growth patches plus the equipment to use with them costs over $1,100.

HeightGrowth Scam

 HeightGrowth are simply vitamin capsules. The claims made on their website are contrary to modern medical practices. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, even though they recommend that you take their product for six months or more to see results.

Curtsey:  shortsupport.org, heightguide.com, scamsafe.com, answers.google.com, faqfarm.com


How to Grow Taller


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