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How to Look Taller
A Quiz to help you Look & Dress Taller

           Adults who are over 21 years of age, who perhaps have passed their growth spurts should not be despaired. There are many different tricks at our disposal to create the illusion of looking taller. Its not difficult when you know exactly what to do. As soon as you understand the principles behind these tricks, you will know how to shop for items that elongate you.

     You may be surprised that many celebrities are of below average height but they never look short on camera though. This is due to their team of stylists who know how to create height through optical illusion.


     Try to focus on developing a fashion sense to help improve your dress coordination. One of the most common reasons for looking short is bad dress coordination. Every piece of clothing you put on your body is made up of four basic design elements: proportion, line, color, and texture. To make you look well proportioned and taller, each of those four elements has to be right on target and perfectly in sync with your body.

     The following quiz has been designed to help kick start your fashion sense. Answer the True & False questions below for a guided tour of how to dress to look taller


Question #1/25:


Wearing a one single color shirt and pant combination will make you look taller?









US$ 129.99
Executive Lyon

US$ 129.99
Executive Lyon

US$ 69.99
Lyon Milt
Height Elevator Shoes 2
US$ 79.99
Comfy Tahoe

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