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Average Human in the Year 3000

BY the year 3000, the average human will be 6½ft tall, have coffee-coloured skin and live for 120 years, new research predicts.

And the good news does not end there.

Blokes will be chuffed to learn their willies will get bigger — and women’s boobs will become more pert.

But there is also a downside, the study suggests. We will be more prone to disease and physically weaker because of our increasing reliance on technology.

The predictions appear in a new report by evolution theorist Dr Oliver Curry, of the Darwin@LSE Research Centre at the London School Of Economics.

He looked at the impact of various technological, biological and environmental factors on the future evolution of man.

He reckons humans are set to reach their peak by the year 3000, growing taller and living longer thanks to improved nutrition, lifestyles and medical knowledge.

According to the report, commissioned to mark the 21st anniversary of TV channel Bravo, race will become a thing of the past as we will all have the same coloured skin.



Dr Curry says: “Race is only skin deep. There was a time when we were all the same colour. As we become more interconnected throughout the world, racial difference is likely to be diluted.

“Humans are likely to move towards a uniform ‘coffee’ skin tone.”

Dr Curry continues: “People of the year 3000 will have reached the peak of human enhancement, leading the longest, healthiest and most accomplished lives in the entire history of the human race.

“Improved nutrition and understanding of the human body will see people grow taller, with men reaching an average height of between six and seven feet, while lifespans will also be far greater, with humans living for up to 120 years.”

Dr Curry also claims men and women will also become better-looking by the next Millennium in order to attract a mate.

He says: “Our ideas of what we find attractive will evolve and as a result we will develop technologies that will enable us to upgrade ourselves.

“Through turbo-charged cosmetic surgery techniques and genetic engineering, we will try to fit in with what the opposite sex finds attractive.”

As a result men are expected to exhibit symmetrical facial features, athleticism and the classic signs of testosterone such as a square jaw, deeper voice and larger manhood.

Women will have smooth hairless skin, large clear eyes, pert breasts, glossy hair and symmetrical features.

But while mankind is expected to reach its brilliant best in the year 3,000, the outlook further along the evolutionary chain is less rosy.

According to the report, 10,000 years from now the human race will pay the genetic price for its over-reliance on technology.

Dr Curry, 33, says: “It all sounds a lot of fun to begin with but humans are going to experience the equivalent of a genetic hangover as we rely more and more on technology.

“One way to look at it is that we will become a bit weedy — like domestic animals who need to be looked after.

“Skills such as communicating and interacting with others will be degraded, leaving humans less able to care for others.

“There is also the danger that reliance on medicine and obsession with hygiene is likely to lead to a deterioration in the immune system. If we are all popping pills, diseases such as cancer won’t be weeded out of the gene pool.”

It is also predicted that humans will lose their jaw structure due to a lack of chewing needed to eat processed foods.

According to the report, the number of caesarian sections will rise as mothers give birth to larger infants.

Much further in the future, the report foresees a kind of genetic class system developing where humans become more choosy about their partners.

About 100,000 years from now, mankind may be divided into two distinct groups — with the genetic elite moving in more exclusive circles and losing contact with the rest of society.

The genetic “haves” will be tall, thin symmetrical, clean, healthy, intelligent and creative.

The genetic “have nots” will be short, stocky, asymmetrical, grubby, unhealthy and not as bright.

Dr Curry adds: “It is kind of like Angelina Jolie having a baby with Brad Pitt. A genetic elite will be created by what is known as ‘assortative mating’.

“It is like the two best tennis players in the world getting together. In a more interconnected world, it will become easier and easier for these kinds of people to meet up.

“While science and technology have the potential to create an ideal habitat for humanity over the next millennium, there is also the possibility of a monumental genetic hangover.

“We certainly can’t predict definitely what is going to happen but we can make educated predictions based on our understanding of how evolution works.

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