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Tall Fashion Tricks
 for Short People

Looking Taller and Slimmer is an art that can be mastered by following a few simple fashion guidelines. Here in this section we will try to explain how you can increase your perceptive height by dressing yourself “Taller”.  Perceptive height is the visually perceived height that creates an illusion of looking taller.


    Maintaining a good body posture is the key for looking and walking tall. By exercising regularly you can help keep your posture straight. Your slouched back can hide a couple of inches under its curve. Try to iron your back by performing stretching exercises. To learn more about posture exercises, please visit our Grow Taller Exercises page. Here in this section we will try to set the fashion parameters for people who are on the short side.

    The best rule for short individuals is to try walking within the boundaries of fashion norms. Crossing the fine line to either side of the fashion curve will make your short stature standout. This does not mean that you can’t be a trendy person. What this means is that you try to be a little cautious when you want to be a trend setter.


Matter of Proportions

    Fashion, according to Coco Chanel, is the architecture; it is a matter of proportions. One of the most common reasons for looking shorter in clothes is bad balance. Bad balance reinforces body flows, while good balance hides the body flaws

    Leah Feldon in her book, “Does this make me look fat?” writes that there is a real feeling of empowerment that comes from knowing what’s right for you and wearing clothes that perfectly suits your body. How you feel in clothes is as important as how you look in them. When you feel confident, you look confident. Most of us feel better about ourselves when we’re at our slimmest and know we look good to others. That’s when we feel and exude the most self-confidence.

    Every piece of clothing you put on your body is made up of four basic design elements: proportion, line, color, and texture. To look your slimmest and tallest, each of those four elements has to be right on target – and perfectly in sync with your body.


 Dark Neutrals

    Dark neutral colors make you look thinner and taller. The secret behind the slimming power of darker colors is their ability to absorb light and recede into the background – rather than reflect light and pop out, as lighter and brighter colors do. Navy and black are perfect examples of dark neutral colors. The Darker the color, the better. Dark neutral colors are simply more appropriate for more occasions and have the added bonus of being very easy to dress up with accessories


 Tips and Tricks

    Monochromic dressing is a very effective trick that makes everybody looks slimmer and taller instantly. Color is the first thing most people notice about an outfit. Dressing in one color produces a strong unbroken vertical line that elongates the body. Wear a monochromatic belt, pant, and shoe combination for the longest line possible on the leg

    Keep the jacket somewhat short, which will help make your legs appear longer. Choose patterns that stress vertical lines. Wear pants somewhat high on waist, and make sure they have healthy break and shorter cuffs or no cuffs.

    Short and heavy men should avoid double-breasted coats, pocket flaps and single vents as these styles will make you look heavier. Pants should have long rise, and the waist should sit at natural waistline. A belt underneath a paunch only accentuates the weight and makes legs look shorter.

    Shorter hair generally makes you look taller. When the neck shows, the figure looks elongated. Anything bulky around the neck will make you look shorter.

    Avoid wearing garments made from stiff materials. Stiff fabrics will make you look square and boxy. Similarly bulky fabrics simply add mass, making your body look bulkier and shorter. Always go for the finer, lighter weight variety. Fabrics, however, should have enough weight to fall naturally without clinging.

    Ties have to be the right length. After being tied, the tips of the tie should reach the waistband of the trousers.

    A very long overcoat will only overwhelm your frame and make your legs look shorter. It’s better for you to have a little distance between the hem of your coat and the floor, so get a topper coat just long enough to cover a suit jacket should you need it to.

    You should have your pants to have only a slight break when they rest atop your shoes. Too much pooling of material at the hem of the trouser will only makes you look shorter..

    If you choose to wear belt with jeans make sure the belt is a casual one. Any belt you’d wear with one of your best suits isn’t one that you wear with jeans. With jeans, stick with cloth or flat leather instead of a polished leather. Another thing to remember is to avoid wearing cuffed jeans. Cuffs shorten the leg’s appearance especially when they’re a contrasting color.

    It is better for short people to tuck in their shirts. Leaving it untucked and long just serves to shorten you by creating the illusion of shorter legs. Tucking in not only looks neat but prevents you from looking like you’re an eight-year old wearing one of Dad’s button-front shirts for art class.

    These smart fashion tips will help you create an elongated illusion for maximum height enhancing effect. In addition to these fashion tricks you can also try wearing WalkTall Shoes for an instant height increase. A combination of stretching exercises and tall dressing tricks will not just help elevate your height but will also help you reach the height of confidence.

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How to Grow Taller



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